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To join this program, first click the image below!

Then the following display will be immediately visible. Click on the "Register" on the right above.

After that will open a new window and you have to fill your data in full.


After this process you will receive a confirmation email. You must open the email.
After that you can log into the system Neobux.

After that you can click on "View Advertisements". There will be 4 pieces of advertising that you can click one after another. Remember do not be a direct four-four of them at the click.


Now each ad will appear click on the red dots mark. Signs must be clicked. The red sphere is a system to avoid the robot software that can automatically mengclick.

After that will open an ad. Then wait until a sign of progress bar will change color to yellow. If you've completed all the yellow bar that means have been completed within 30 second.

After that there will be papers stating you get $ 0.01.

Pictured above states that the ads we have been paid by NeoBux click worth $ 0.01. Furthermore, your total income that day can be seen in the panel on the right top, as pictured below.

Well ... our income will be written in the left-upper (on sample are $ 23,255).

Having collected $ 2 or more we can make payout. Remember because payoutn is small, then there is little fee taken by Paypal. I've got $ 2,365 and after payout request (ask for payment to the NeoBux) transferred to Paypal failure by $ 2.32.

How? Interested right? So join Neobux in





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